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The City of Ipswich Pipe Band is one of Australia’s oldest pipe bands formed in 1909 by the Ipswich Caledonian Society with aims to foster the culture of Pipe Band music and the training of members in the art of piping and drumming. It was also to serve as a social organisation, and provide what would best be described as ‘a helping hand’ to migrating Scottish families.

Today, the band’s vision is to develop a pipe band that delivers excellent entertainment to the community whilst providing musical education and satisfaction to its members.


The band’s Strategic Plan focuses on four priority pillars being Education, Entertainment, Competition and Governance and when combined with the band’s organisational values of Teamwork, Professionalism, Development, Family and Enjoyment it is envisaged that many exciting opportunities will be realised for not only the band’s membership base but for the wider Ipswich Community.


Actions do speak louder than words and the band has been taking such action across the priorities and some examples include:


  • Establishing the Greater Ipswich College of Piping and Drumming (GICOPAD) and recruiting new and young pipers and drummers to the ranks.

  • Further developing the Ipswich Gathering of the Clans and Queensland Pipe Band Championships creating economic development for the band and wider Ipswich community.

  • Continuing to compete and improving their results from competition to competition.

  • Governing the band professionally and sustainably.


The next two years will see further development and some exciting initiatives unfold through a professional approach to the band’s Governance.  These include further development of the The Gathering so that it may take its place as a major Ipswich event and attraction, further development of GICOPAD, development of a ‘High Impact Entertainment’ performance package, the re-establishment of a major concert offering for Ipswich and some exciting travel opportunities for both competitive and entertainment purposes. 

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