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The following material is provided as support for the application to the Australia Council for the Arts 4 year funding grant program. The information should be downloaded from this site for PDF documents, or viewed in an appropriate browser. 

Support Item 1: ABC News Article 3 months into the program (mid 2017)

Support Item 2: Letter of Support from Pipe Bands Australia - the governing body for Pipe Bands in Australia


Support Item 3: Letter of Support from the Warwick Thistle Pipe Band - an example of a regional organisation that will be impacted by the Regional Development Program forming part of the GICOPAD program.

Support Item 4: Letter of Support from Jocelyn Graham - mother of a student learner piper who has experienced significant personal development in his journey in the GICOPAD program.

Support Item 5: Letter of Support from Jennifer Howard MP - the local State member and Minister Assisting the Premier, who understands and supports our vision for the future, which will have a large impact on her electorate.

Support Item 6: A video of some of our newest young learners along with some new adult learners and some tutors coming together to play Amazing Grace for the first time.

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